The Canyoners of the Apéro

Canyon aperitif, specialists in dry canyons and commuters

   T he Canyoners of the apéro ... is it necessary to introduce ourselves?
With a name like that, all is said. Even the garden gnomes will have grasped the general idea.

To be a Canyoner of the Apéro it is above all to cultivate a certain art of living which seems to be lost more and more with the growing stress of our modern lives. We consider that canyoning allows us to take a break by feeding us with the calm and the beauty of the landscapes that one has the chance to discover there. What an immense pleasure to drink with friends in the sun, at the top of a cliff, with the valley that unfolds at our feet. Grand!
These are rare moments of happiness that many canyoners do not take the time to discover as they are busy breaking the course record. That said, everyone his pleasure. We, it is rather good time and good laughs.

In summary, to be a good Canyoner of the Apéro, you must:
- Love laughs
-Love girls with big lungs
-Love the Canyon and the Apéros
-Have a strong sense of humor and friendship
-And above all ... especially ... not to take yourself seriously.
If you meet these conditions you are welcome, whatever your level in Canyon.
(NB: All big-lunged women will be accepted, even if they do not meet any of these conditions)

In fact, we could not summarize better than we did in our films about Ticino and L’Etrier du Diable (Go ahead, but be careful, there are some that are very long ... get Apéro ready before starting)

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The Canyoners of the Apéro - Canyon Apéro specialist commuters, canyons and ravines

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The Canyoners of the Apéro - Canyon Apéro specialist commuters, canyons and ravines
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